The Newsroom model: Breaking down barriers

The Newsroom Model. Source: Christoph Moss 2016

(German Version) Breaking down barriers, controlling the topics, creating transparency in communication: Modern enterprises work crossmedially. From a control centre they are spreading information across many channels for huge amounts of target groups. The instrument of control is Newsroom. At mediamoss we are supervising your Newsroom from the very beginning. We already managed projects for clients such as Siemens and DATEV.

With the Newsroom model Christoph Moss has shown that topics and channels can be separated. This approach has turned out to be very effective.

So far, the initiation of the Siemens Newsroom has been one of the biggest projects of its kind in business communication. The success of social media has taught businesses that they have to manage their channels differently than before. Journalists and customers, fans and shareholders have a common interest in the product or in the enterprise itself. This development has motivated Porsche to establish a virtual Newsroom. In an interview with mediamossblog Dr Josef Arweck, Head of Communications at Porsche has pointed out that the Porsche Newsroom is not only made for journalists, bloggers and online multipliers. It is also created for everyone else who is interested in the brand.

Your enterprise should be able to cope with the changing media. People’s consumption of media is increasing and the number of channels is growing drastically. Today everybody can communicate and business communication should not ignore the changes ahead.

A corporate Newsroom is a lot more complex and more complicated but also more exciting than traditional journalism.

The reason is plausible for every communication professional: A conventional structure in enterprises is quickly reaching its limits. Who wants to discuss the communication and marketing personnel’s areas of responsibility nowadays? Which department still weighs up the meaning of media relations versus product PR? Who wants to be accountable for giving all responsibility for social media to the IT team?

Furthermore, businesses are feeling the squeeze of having to lead their message as far as possible by only using integrated communication, storytelling and content marketing. With limited resources additional channels cannot be created randomly. In this context it is inevitable that businesses are questioning the structure and strategy of their communication.

On the other hand, one can clearly see the fear of change that comes along with the concern of losing control. This issue can only be solved by an involvement of all parties in the new concept. If no common participation can be granted the company risks to compromise due to internal house policy.

Not everything that has Newsroom on the cover is actually about Newsroom

On the long run communication is only controllable if the enterprise manages to put content not functions into the centre of organisation by using a well-structured entity for communication.

mediamoss will be supporting the launch of your Newsroom – no matter if it is digital or real.

  • preparatory phase
  • communication design phase
  • implementation phase

During all phases you and your employees will be needing professional support. The introduction of a Newsroom is a change project which will take a few months. The analytical work will be part of the project such as the creation of change objectives and the actual implementation of the new strategy. Throughout the whole process technical and structural questions are likely to arise. Our experts will help you to inform your employees regularly and to introduce them to new tasks. Please feel free to contact us!

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